About @damirissimo

I do photography around my life. My life is: travel, family, work & fun. This website is a piece of my art side. This website requires my commitment to fill it up time to time, but you will know me better once you see I have no schedule to post here, so it's kinda rare and mostly well-thought stuff.

Supporting me

I do this for myself. I know I like the process, I some times like the results. But I also know the people around express interest in my photography and I appreciate it immensely ❤️

My peak photography love is travel. I do my best to be able to travel around the world as frequent as possible, given finances and other stuff I need to be responsible first. Though I never meant this hobby to be monetised, the second best thing after the process of photography itself for me is to be able to share my work to you. Most of my content is totally free via the website or my Instagram, but here is the place to get the most out of it for you. And an ability to send some appreciation to my work directly.

Wanna receive my updates & content directly to your inbox? Leave your email below. Never spam. Just pure joy, packaged & delivered to you 🖤

Purchasing anything via my website is your direct investment into getting more of my work and for me to try and stun you with new compositions, colours, and stories to tell. Thank you for your support.

Contact me

Wanna chat? Got a question? Have an offer? Send me a message:

P.S. Why this website?

I have a son. He's yet small while I type these words, but they grow fast. If you know - you know. It happens that I run some large & interesting companies behind the scene, some of these are not easy to explain to little kid (software development, advertising, AI & other deep-tech stuff).

It made be very sad one time when I thought it would be impossible for him to understand what his dad really does. Imagine me, working at the laptop, chatting and making calls all the time. Hell, it's sometimes difficult to explain what I do to myself.

That's why I want this website & galleries to exist for him & those who care, to see what I do and can deliver, which should be easy to comprehend and appreciate (if needed).

In case you're not comfortable subscribing to @damirissimo via my website, or your payment methods do not work, I've dedicated Donations page for you to choose various different methods to express your appreciation. Thank you 🖤

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