Alina Pash at Sofia Live Festival

So much energy, so much professionalism. The power got cut off right in the middle of the performance. What did Alina do? She gathered the crowd around her and everybody continued to sing together 🖤

She had no band with her. The power is now totally off. She gathers the crowd. They sing together, dance and share the unforgettable emotions.

Слухай – Listen – Écoute – Hören – Escuchar – Ascolta – Ouvir – Слушай – Posłuchaj – 听 – 聽 – 聴く – 들어봐 – ਸੁਣੋ – સાંભળો – सुनो – শুনুন – கேளு – వినండి – ฟัง – Nghe

Sofia Live Festival 2023

There will be more photos soon!

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