The Details of Anogyra Village, Cyprus

Cyprus Episodes #1

Here starts the new series of Photos taken in Cyprus. I've been lucky to visit it twice for the past 2 months, so there will be some mix... mixtape of photos. The way they deserve to be shown.

Just look at this beauty. Could not pass by
📍 Ιερός Ναός Τιμίου Σταυρού (Pedoulas, Cyprus)
This beauty lives at wonderful 🍽️ Berengaria Cafe, Bar & Restaurant. The mezze they serve is the best I've tried at Cyprus yet

And bonus Photos from previous visit to Cyprus, which I'm yet to cover in the future. I'm trying to combine the time I spend on my business projects with this photography space I run here. Your subscription would help me a lot to dedicate myself to the website and deliver more. To you.

The photos here and above look wonderful using as Wallpaper for any of your devices. I test those using Mac & Windows devices, TV & Apple TV, Mobile & Smart devices. I know some of my friends shuffle those through and top their collections up when I share something new. I cannot appreciate this enough, as seeing my work to be adopted as a home screen is an indescribable appreciation you show to me. So, here are the bonus photos for Cyprus Episode:

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