Trip to Balkan Mountain Caves

Here are some breathtaking shots from recent adventure to Balkan caves Ledenika & Devetashka. Bonus video is inside!

At 📍 Arch of Freedom monument

Devetashka caves is the place to be. Enourmous, gigantic cave entrance with impressive natural holes above you. A must visit place for sure.

Pro-tip: equip with proper flashlight and go further into the depths of the cave. It's not far and it's flooded with water there, anyway. Beware of bats. There are thousands of them there.

Next was Ledenika (Леденика). It's cave system impressed me with it's depth & volume. Gigantic halls with impressive accoustics. Pro-Tip: explore it further with flashlights while the excursion runs at places they yet to pass by. That gives you the unique opportunity to explore the cave systems with absolutely no added lights, with your equipment only. Gives chills and some memorable shots.

Near Peperudata Waterfall (📍 Антонски водопад "Пеперудата")

We stopped by this amazing location, watching the sunset catching mountains top. We passed by some puddle of water which I decided I should take some shots on our way back. Which we certainly did 🤣

And here's sweet slow-motion of this exact moment. Needless to say, I was covered in water and dirt, but it was certainly worth the shots above 💦🔥

Music: Greta Van Fleet - Meeting the Master

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